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ANY SIZE - $10 OFF Mattress Cleaning + FREE Deodorizer [AF10B]
AREA RUG - $20 OFF Any Service Over $200 [AR200]
Loveseat Sofa - Basic steam cleaning, Only $99 [XT18]
2 rooms - Basic steam cleaning + Hallway, Only $109 [XT16]
3 rooms - Basic steam cleaning + Hallway, Only $129 [XT11]
4 rooms - Basic steam cleaning + Hallway, Only $149 [XT15]
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$99 - 1 Room (Area)
$109 - 2 Rooms
$129 - 3 Rooms
$149 - 4 Rooms
$179 - 5 Rooms
Any additional room +$30 p/room
Steps - $3 p/step

$109 - 3 Seater Sofa
$99 - Loveseat
$35 - Ottoman
$35 - Dining Room Chair
$45 - Chair
$149 - Sectional 4-5 Seater
$179 - Sectional 6 Seater

$139 - King Size
$129 - Queen Size
$109 - Full Size (standard)
The company may change prices under certain circumstances;  The above prices are for steam cleaning service only (deep cleaning, stains removal, deodorizing and protection treatment considered as an additional);  An area is defined as a room up to 200 sq.ft.
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Coupon Restrictions

  • Each room is considered a separate area.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Area rugs, baths, halls, staircases, landings and walk-in closets are priced separately.
  • Minimum order of $99 is required.
  • Some restrictions may apply.
  • For additional information and pricing or any other question, please contact us at 206-219-9055.
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