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Rug Cleaning in Seattle, WA

Seattle Carpet Cleaning asks you: what's holding you back from having that rug professionally cleaned? You keep saying you're busy. With a family and a job that's demanding a lot of your time, you've neglected to have your carpet and rugs cleaned. Well, did you know that we can come to your home and pick up your rug? We can also deliver it back to your place as well.

Just give us a call, and tell us the time we can pick it up. You'll have your rug back the same day. Read on to learn more what we do.

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Rug Cleaning Seattle Services and Methods

Our technicians are dedicated and professional rug cleaners. People know us for our carpet cleaning in Seattle, but we also specialize in the following: Area rug cleaning, Carpet rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, Persian and Navajo rugs care.

Our rug cleaner, who is also a highly-skilled carpet cleaner, starts out rug cleaning with deep dusting, which consists of removing all of the dirt and grit that are ensnared in the fibers. This is an intense process. If these particles are not extracted, and moisture or water is involved in the cleaning process, and that dirt becomes mud, it can possibly lead to damaging the rug.

Other rug problems we take care of:

  • Mildew
  • Stains
  • Dye
  • Pet urine stains
  • Pet urine odors
  • Moisture or water damage

We hardly use any equipment to clean rugs. We hand wash them, giving the rugs that special and diligent care. The cleaning products that we use are non-toxic and environmentally-safe. So you don't have to worry about them damaging your rug. We also apply a solution that protects the fiber to lengthen the life of your rug.

You can count on Seattle Carpet Cleaning! We want the job.

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