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"Thanks to Seattle Carpet Cleaning the carpet looks great..."
I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself: Seattle Carpet Cleaning works miracles. Last winter we took the family to Orlando over winter vacation. We loved the weather - so warm, unlike back home, where it rained the whole time we were gone. When we got home, however, we discovered that one of the kids forgot to close the window in his room - the carpet was soaked through and through, and already starting to smell funky. Seattle Carpet Cleaning is who I use for carpet cleaning every three years, and I called them to see if they had any ideas. They sent their water damage restoration crew over right away - the inspected the damage and came up with a plan. Once I approved the plan and the estimate, they got right to work. I was worried that the carpet might go moldy, or that I'd have to spend a bundle to replace it. Thanks to Seattle Carpet Cleaning, the carpet looks great and there's no mold or mildew anywhere in sight.


"showed up on time and for a reasonable price, they cleaned everything up..."
When my boyfriend moved in, he brought his dog with him. I was a bit worried - I'd spent a lot of money decorating my apartment and I'd never had an indoor pet because I was afraid it would ruin the furniture or the carpets. It didn't take long for The dog to leave his mark on the rug - but my boyfriend called Seattle Carpet Cleaning -; he's been using them for years. They showed up on time and for a reasonable price, they cleaned everything up - pet stain, pet odor and all. I guess I'll keep them - The dog, my boyfriend and Carpet Cleaning Seattle.

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